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This course will provide delegates with an understanding of the revisions of Global Standards for Packaging Materials Issue 6 as well as a review of audit protocol.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for delegates from sites that are currently certificated to Issue 5 of the BRCGS for Packaging & Packaging Materials. It is aimed at Manufacturers, Technical / Quality Managers and Consultants.

Prior Knowledge

Delegates should have a record of completed training for the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5.

Delegates are expected to have read and reviewed a copy of the BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6 prior to attending the course.  The standard is available from the BRCGS Bookshop.

Course Objectives

This course will provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of the revisions to the format and content of the Standard and is designed to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to successfully implement the changes to the Standard on site.

Course Content

  • Understand the reasons for changes to the Standard, including industry developments
  • Recognise how the changes will benefit retailers, manufacturers, auditors and consumers
  • Understand the changes to existing requirements
  • Recognise the changes to the protocol of the Standard
  • Know how the audit process should now be carried out and reported

In-House Courses

Offering better value for money, they can be designed to closely match your specific requirements.

Style of Delivery & Course Leaders

Our course tutors have substantial experience in the field of BRCGS Packaging Standards. They are qualified and experienced with extensive practical audit experience across a wide range of packaging sectors.


Delegates successfully completing an optional on-line multi-choice exam (taken at the end of the course) will be awarded a BRCGS Certificate issued by the BRCGS.  If the course exam is to be taken, an internet enabled laptop or devise is required.  If the exam is not taken, then an attendance certificate will be awarded by the BRCGS.

Booking & Course Fees

The fee includes a full lunch and refreshments during the day.

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