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Become a Lead Auditor through a certified Exemplar Global course. Enrol online and have 12 months to complete your training.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to audit management systems. This course is appropriate for potential or practising auditors who lead and perform management systems audits in various disciplines, such as Quality, OH&S, Information Security and Environment.  This course can be purchased individually or combined with courses on auditing specific management systems.

Duration: The estimated time to complete this course is approximately 8-10 hours with additional offline assessment activities

Course Outline

Upon completion of this course and the assessment activities, participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the processes involved with managing audit programs
  • Initiating an audit
  • Preparing for an audit
  • Conducting on-site activities
  • Reporting on audit findings
  • Conducting post-audit activities
  • Outline the personal and interpersonal skills required to conduct management systems audit
  • Demonstrate the appropriate oral, written and non-verbal communication techniques that are desirable for lead management systems auditors

Key Session Topics

The course Outline consists of the following topics:

  • Overview of ISO 19011:2018
  • Managing and Audit Program
  • Audit Planning and Preparation
  • Reporting Audit Outcomes
  • Online Knowledge Quiz

Throughout the course you will work through a case study focusing on a number of practical examples of activities in the audit process. After completing the online components of the course there is an Assessment Workbook that must be completed and submitted for marking by an SAI Global Assessor.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for people who need to conduct external audits of management systems:

  • Individuals who want to become Exemplar Global certified and gain a formal qualification
  • Quality Managers, Management Representatives, Engineers and Consultants
  • Individuals who want to become Lead Auditors or Third-Party Auditors
  • Individuals leading their companies to ISO standard Certifications

We recommend that you pair this course with one of our 2 day Management Systems auditing courses to make up a full lead auditor course in a management system. These include Auditing a Quality Management System, Auditing an Environmental Management System and Auditing a WHS and can be completed online, virtual or face to face environment

Prior Knowledge

Knowledge of the current published version of ISO standard prior to attempting this course is recommended.  The course has some numeracy requirements involved. If you require support for literacy activities, please contact customer service.


The online course has a knowledge quiz with an 80% pass mark and there is an Assessment Workbook that must be completed and submitted to SAI Global within 6 months of completion of the online course for marking to obtain the units of competency

Once you have completed all the assessment requirements of this course for Exemplar Global you can apply to Exemplar Global as a “provisional auditor”. For more information please visit Exemplar Global website.

Upon completion of the assessment activities, participants will receive the below TPECS competency units which is certified by Exemplar Global

Exemplar Global – AU – Management systems auditing

Exemplar Global – TL – Leading management systems audit teams

For more information please visit Exemplar Global website.

Booking and Course Fees

£495.00 + VAT

£495.00 + VAT

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