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Now, more than ever, all food chain stakeholders are required to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and quality. Recent food safety related events have led regulatory bodies like the FDA to examine not only their internal processes but to also set standards and initiatives to increase regulation and oversight of the food production supply chain. Major food retailers are now requiring their suppliers to adhere to either their standards (Woolworths in Australia) or to other GFSI recognised standards (SQF, FSSC 22000 for example), as well as other food safety regulations such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

This increase in safety regulations in the food and beverage industry has resulted in a higher demand for suppliers to demonstrate that they have incorporated safety and quality initiatives into their food production processes. An increasing number of major food retailers will only accept products from suppliers who can demonstrate these food safety and quality principles.

One of the leading methods for demonstrating safety and quality in the food chain is to implement a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based on the principles of HACCP. Most FSMS require that management is fully committed to its implementation, maintenance and improvement. This implies that management employs and maintains human resources with an adequate level of knowledge, leadership and experience to fulfil the organization’s food safety commitment. As such a food safety leader must be nominated and provided with resources to establish, train and maintain the food safety team.


7 – 8 Hours Online (not including assessment)

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for Quality Assurance Managers, QA Co-ordinators, Production Managers, food safety professionals and those wishing to gain professional development skills to enable them to move into a quality assurance management role.

Course Objectives

This course provides the skills required to be an effective Quality Assurance Manager in the food industry. The course focuses on the core compliance, leadership, risk management and management knowledge and skill requirements for quality assurance professionals to assist with implementing the Food Safety or HACCP program.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Have a sound understanding of the effective management of Food Safety and Quality Assurance Management systems
  • Identify and understand the roles and responsibilities of Quality Assurance staff within a food business and their role in the food safety management system

What are the benefits of online learning?

  • Practical Job Aids – Tools and templates are available as printable documents which learners can use a job aids
  • Convenient & Cost Effective – Your organisation does not need to pay for travel or accommodation and you do not need time out of the office
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace – Learning is convenient and can be delivered on demand, when and where it is needed, both on and off site
  • Time Reduction – Learning can be delivered as ‘just in time’ training, reducing the period between the learning and application of the knowledge or skills
  • No Risk Environment – An online learning environment allows employees to safely master skills before applying them in actual situations
  • Motivation
    • Clearly defined learning objectives at multiple levels, including the course, module and lesson levels
    • Interactive lessons and media elements, will get learners involved more quickly and keep them motivated to continue
    • Interactivities have been designed to engage the learner in the content and for the purpose of application of knowledge
  • Self-Paced – Learners are able to complete the course at their own speed. The course is designed to help facilitate learning through the content on the assumption that there is no face to face facilitator
  • Self-Directed – Self-directed learning allows for time to reflect and develop a deeper understanding of the material
  • Flexible Access
    • Allows learners to access and review the lessons they need at times convenient to them
    • Content can be revisited as often as desired within the 12 month license period
  • Practical Application
    • The learning strategy recognises that adults learn best when training is practical and focused
    • The case study approach helps to convey complex theoretical concepts in a practical and immersive way.

Style of Delivery

Online with Audio – The online course consists of eight modules plus a post course assessment and will take around 7- 8 hours to complete (not including assessments).

The modules clearly define the learning objectives to be covered, mapping to the competencies at multiple levels, including the course, module and lesson levels. Each module and lesson concludes with a summary that sum up the key learning points.


Formative Assessment – Besides the various exercises embedded within the course, there are non-scored knowledge check questions at the lesson level. These are designed as formative assessment and feedback for these questions helps in the retention of the concepts and content that has been covered in each module.

Delegates successfully completing the course will be awarded a Completion Certificate issued by SAI Global.

Booking & Course Fees

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£595.00 + VAT

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