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Board Room Impact On ISO 45001 OH&S Management Systems

Boardrooms face regulatory accountability for Occupational Health & Safety performance. This accountability is met head on through the effective application of ISO 45001:2018 OH&S Management Systems and 3rd party certification.

The purpose of ISO 45001 OHS Management Systems has been elevated to assist Boardroom Level Top Management Teams to meet their regulatory obligations and accountabilities for OHS performance within their organisations. The standard provides a systematic management system framework to enhance OHS performance, through continual improvement in their people and processes to manage OHS Risks and prevent injury and ill-health at work.

All Boardrooms MUST be constantly vigilant and continue to recognise and execute their accountability for OHS performance.  This is perhaps even more crucial at times when the organisation is going through phases of planned strategic, structural and system change – the aligned and systematic approach ISO 45001 brings to the Boardroom in times of change is one of its core values.

To ensure that OH&S Risks are mitigated effectively during times of stability and during changes to Strategy, Structure, Organisational Context, and/or the Management System itself, Leadership are accountable for ensuring that;

  • The OHSMS and its policy and objectives stay compatible with strategic direction
  • OHSMS processes are integrated with the organisations business processes
  • Existing and emerging hazards and risks (opportunities and incidents) are managed and mitigated effectively at all levels
  • OHSMS planned performance outcomes are achieved and emerging hazards/risks are dealt with as the context, structure, systems and/or operations of the organisation change

The fact that ISO 45001:2018 brings OHS Management Systems into the Boardroom is a hugely significant opportunity for Leadership to direct and truly ensure that their OHS system is never adversely impacted on by strategic and organisational level changes and vice-versa.

Dave White, Senior Consultant

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