Act Now On Issue 6 Of BRCGS Packaging Materials Standard

August 2019 has seen the publication of the updated BRCGS for Packaging Materials. Audits from February 2020 will be conducted against Issue 6.

Originally published in this standard has become essential to retailers, food service companies, food manufacturers and brand owners in providing confidence and managing risk from their packaging materials supply chain. For suppliers of packaging materials to the food and drink industry it has become an equally essential standard in providing assurance and reducing the audit burden. In redeveloping Issue 6 the BRCGS has consulted extensively with all stakeholders to improve the standard and to build on the standard’s integrity.

Key differences in Issue 6 from Issue 5 relate to both protocols and requirements.

Changes include:

  • A simpler hygiene regime. High hygiene and low hygiene categories are removed and are replaced with a risk-based approach. There is a different approach, however for packaging materials which are “food contact” materials
  • Optional unannounced audits if required will now be full unannounced audits. They will not be spilt into different sub-categories.
  • Introducing a new requirement for corrective action and preventive action to ensure issues are properly actioned and the risk of their occurrence and reoccurrence reduced
  • Introducing and stressing the importance of cultural considerations to product safety and quality
  • Enhancing supporting quality management processes through applying hazard and risk analysis

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