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In-House Bespoke L&D And Training Solutions

All SAI Global Assurance Learning standard public training courses can be delivered “as-is”, in-house at your location and cover multiple disciplines, including quality, environmental, health & safety, food safety, plus specialised courses in risk management, process improvement and in the automotive and aerospace sectors

For sure, the delivery of standard courses in-house comes with all the advantages associated with that, such as;

  • Reduced training, travel and accommodation costs per delegate
  • Use of real-life examples to make learning points more relevant
  • Team building during the events
  • A relaxed familiar environment
  • Less disruption to business as usual
  • Higher information retention
  • Better return on investment


Customised Learning

SAI Global Assurance bespoke, customised L&D solutions can develop and embed the knowledge and skills, coach positive attitudes creating the right positive mind-set and capability to develop your people in ways that are relevant to their roles and the goals of your organisation.

SAI Global Assurance can manage the complete Training and L&D Cycle on your behalf.  Our customised L&D programs will be tailored to your specific organisational needs, the key challenges your business is facing and help you to manage actual change and drive real improvement.

Expert Tutors

  • Conduct training needs analysis in line with the context of your organisation and its current and future goals, policies, needs and performance expectations.
  • This is the diagnostics phase. Using the diagnostics followed by further open discussion with your management, we will design and build your training solution ranging from a single event to a phased sequential L&D solution, precisely matched to your needs and available budget.
  • Deliver the training or L&D solution to plan and instead of using generic sessions and case studies, for example, SAI can use real information and workplace scenarios that reflect your organisations specific needs.
  • Work with you to measure and verify the effectiveness of the customised training solution and return on investment for your organisation.


Highly Confidential

In-house customised training allows access to your organisations data & information whilst maintaining and preserving confidentiality, especially when access to such data is crucial for the design and effectiveness of learning. Customised, in-house training taught in your workplace ensures only the right people learn your proprietary information, business plans and operating methods.

“We decided to take full advantage of the greater business impact and value to be gained from in-house bespoke L&D solutions delivered by SAI Global.  The tutor was superb and the specifically designed sequence of phased training events delivered, all made perfect sense to our business and really improved performance in the areas important to us.” 

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